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Letter from Renee

Dear Junior League of Seattle Members,

The 2011-12 Board of Directors has watched over an extraordinary year in the Junior League of Seattle.  From voting in a new organizational structure to seeing our newest community projects, Kids in the Kitchen and Lifeskills for Women flourish, to overhauling and improving our communication and social media efforts, to serving hundreds and in some cases, thousands of children with our projects and services, we have accomplished a great deal.  We have much to be proud of, not the least of which is the simple fact that voluntarism lives in our hearts and continues to be the foundation of our amazing organization.

Thank you to the 2011-12 Board of Directors.  I have trouble finding words that adequately express my admiration for your thoughtfulness, passion and stewardship.  To all the women who accepted leadership roles, whether chairing a committee, working as an advisor, I am so grateful.  To every Active, Sustainer and New Member who stopped me at an event, picked up the phone or sent an email with a new idea or words of advice, I thank you.

My one regret this year is that I have not had the opportunity to get to know each and everyone of you as well as I would have liked, the year did go by amazingly fast.  Yet on a very real level I do know you.

You are the women who lead and who gladly follow other leaders.  Voluntarism is vital to your lives.  You can be found fitting your personal life around your Junior League life.  You rejoice in the daily victories of the women and children who you serve.  You send emails in the wee hours of the morning.  You work like mad.  You challenge yourself to ask for the dollars that keep our community projects running.  You are positive forces in this community.  You are problem solvers. You are hand-holders.  You have families and friends that are very proud of you.

You are the women of the Junior League of Seattle and I have been so honored to lead you.

Ashley Baerwaldt takes the gavel and I am delighted to pass this on to an incredibly gifted and talented woman, someone I can also call a very dear friend.  Ashley is an outstanding leader and the League is in very good hands.

With my thanks, admiration, respect and love,



Renee Hartnett – President’s Letter

Hi everyone,

Maxine Barnard, our 2011 Dorothy Stimson Bullitt Award Winner, put it beautifully in her award speech, comparing the work and impact of the Junior League to that of the butterfly effect. When Junior League founder Mary Harriman held her first meeting in New York back in 1901, little would she have known the organization would grow to 292 leagues in 4 countries with 155,000 members world-wide. Similarly, when the Junior League of Seattle was formed, our first members set the tone for a League that eventually contributed to the creation of both local and national projects such as the NW Art Program, CASA, and Rebuilding Together.

We are an organization of women who are passionate and empowered to make an impact in our community. Our history is rich with incredible accomplishments, and this past year was no different. A few of the 2010-2011 highlights include:

  • Completing over 50 DIAD projects
  • Growing our active membership to nearly 500 members
  • Implementing our new brand and logo
  • Boosting our training curriculum by adding learning circles and all day trainings

I am thrilled by what we achieved this past year and am now looking ahead to what I know will be a fabulous year. We have the opportunity to continue our momentum and accomplish amazing things not unlike those that make up our rich history. A year from now, I hope to look back and celebrate the following:

  • Increased impact in the community
  • Continued growth in members who live our mission
  • New fundraising sources of revenue
  • Furthering the work on our strategic plan

I share with all of you an enormous pride for our League, and I couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead! Thank you, as always, for your continued support, your time and all of your efforts.