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DIAD Hula Hoop Games

The Done-in-a-Day committee is working with the Ballard Boys and Girls club to bring fun activities and programing to children in our community as part of supporting the Combatting Childhood Obesity focus area.

Ballard Boys & Girls Club
1767 NW 64th St
Seattle, WA 98107

The Done in a Day committee partnered with professional instructors “Betty Hoop” and “Miss Birdy” to provide a fun afternoon of yoga and hula hoop games for the Ballard Boys and Girls Club.  Early arrivals had the opportunity to go on a tour of the facility and hear about the programs that the Boys and Girls club specializes in.

Our first session started with a group of 16 “Monkeys” and “Geckos” (kindergarten & 1st grade).  The instructors lead the class in a great yoga warm-up to get the kids focused and stretched for the hoops. Then it was on to the main event, hula-hoop games!  Nine of our enthusiastic JLS ladies were on hand to jump in on the hooping fun, which included: running the tunnel, musical hoops and learning some hoop basics.  The young ones definitely showed us a thing or two about flexibility and boundless energy.

Following our initial session with the little ones, the classroom leads brought a new group of 25 kids from the “Tigers” and “Lions” groups which were as old as 12.  While the boys seemed a bit too cool when they first came in, the challenge and competition spirit got them quickly and they jumped right in to show us their skills.  With this group the instructors were able to do some great choreographed dances with the hoops.

The instructors did an amazing job of keeping everyone involved and adjusting to the levels of the different age groups as they came through.  It seemed like a fun event for all involved and was a great way to get involved directly with the community while driving a strong connection to our combatting childhood obesity pillar.  Our JLS ladies and the instructors all mentioned what a good time they had and how much they enjoyed being able to interact with the kids in such a positive and fun environment.  The Boys and Girls Club coordinator was very happy with the event and looks forward to partnering on another hoop games class soon.

The Boys and Girls Club coordinator said, “The kids really love it when new people/groups come in to lead them through new activities for them to participate in.” The Junior League of Seattle looks forward to going back for more fun with the wonderful staff and children at the Boys and Girls Club.


Anti-Human Trafficking Bill Passes House

From our Advocacy Committee:

Bill to combat human trafficking, focusing on online child escort ads, passes House

OLYMPIA — Today, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan anti-trafficking bill to keep minors from being exploited through online ads for escort services such as Backpage.com. Having already passed the Senate, the bill now goes to the governor for her signature.

Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, D—Seattle, prime sponsor of Senate Bill 6251, said, “I am ecstatic the anti-trafficking legislation passed with unanimous support today out of the House of Representatives. This makes the strongest possible statement that there should be no selling of minors online – or anywhere! I worked with the Attorney General’s Office, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, Seattle Councilmember Tim Burgess, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, Port of Seattle Commission President Gael Tarleton, former Rep. Velma Veloria, the ACLU, Allied Daily Newspapers and others to ensure this bill passes constitutional muster as well as the federal Communications Decency Act. If the bill is signed into law, it will be the first one of its kind in the country.”

“Human trafficking is a billion-dollar industry that often takes advantage of the most vulnerable members of our society – our children, and even those with developmental disabilities,” said Sen. Jerome Delvin, R-Richland, who sponsored another bill to make it a class B felony to force a developmentally-disabled person into prostitution. “We’ve accomplished a lot, but there is still a lot of work to be done. We must do everything in our power to raise awareness of these crimes, give our judicial system more authority to punish the perpetrators, and provide help for the victims.”

Backpage.com, whose parent company is The Village Voice, makes at least $22 million a year from online adult escort ads, but refuses to verify the ages of those who place the ads or are depicted in them, even though its print edition published in the Seattle Weekly requires in person age verification. This results in minors being sold online into prostitution and sex-trafficking. All state attorneys general called on Backpage.com to stop selling online adult escort ads.

Kohl-Welles’ bill would create a new offense, making it illegal to knowingly sell an escort ad that involves a minor. To avoid possible criminal charges, classified advertising companies would be motivated to try to verify ages of escorts in sex-related postings. The bill offers an affirmative defense in prosecution of advertising commercial sexual abuse of a minor if documentation is provided of the advertisers having obtained in-person age verification.

“This is great progress in our fight to protect children from those who would sexually exploit them,” said McGinn. “It is an honor to work with those who have championed this cause. I thank the House and the Senate for their leadership in this fight, particularly Sen. Kohl-Welles. I look forward to the governor’s signature and this bill becoming law in our state.”

“Washington was the first state to criminalize human trafficking and today our Legislature took another giant step by making advertisers accountable for their role in the exploitation of children,” said Burgess. “The unanimous bipartisan support for this legislation signals that we are united in our efforts to stop the horrific violence against children through coercive prostitution.”

“This legislation recognizes that the sale of children for commercial sexual abuse either online or in print is unacceptable. The Legislature has once again moved the ball forward in the fight against human trafficking,” said Satterberg.

“This is another step forward in our fight to protect the most vulnerable citizens,” said Tarleton. “When we work together, we have the power to stop trafficking.”

“This is great news! With the first amendment rights concerns addressed, this bill will be a great tool for those of us in the anti-trafficking arena to help women and girls who are victims of human trafficking,” said Veloria, who pioneered the Legislature’s anti-trafficking efforts back in 2002.

# # #

For more information:

Alison Dempsey-Hall, Senate Democratic Communications, 360-786-7887

From Advocacy – Call + Response review

Call + Response poster

Snowmageddon can’t stop us!  The Advocacy Committee was thrilled that over 70 people came out on January 22, 2012 to Hillel-UW for the screening of Call+Response.  Advocacy committee members Angela Allen and Marisa Jenkins worked closely with Alex Sum, Co-Founder of Seattle Against Slavery and Founder/Chairman of Hope for Seattle, to arrange the movie screening and the panel discussion which followed.

Call+Response is a combination documentary and musical performance film that brings to light the awful fact that there are more slaves today than ever before in human history.  The movie makes the point that the business of human trafficking is just that, a business in which slave traders make an enormous amount of money off of the exploitation of women and children. The Director, Justin Dillon, used music as an instrument in the movie to demonstrate that music can be part of the movement against human slavery.

The Panelists for the discussion and Q&A were:

  • Sarah Collins – Mother of missing young woman and former victim, Kelsey Collins
  • Mar Smith – Washington Engaged
  • Marie Hoffmann – Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN)
  • Peter Qualliotine – YouthCare
  • Robert Beiser – Seattle Against Slavery and Hillel-UW

The issue of Human Trafficking can be overwhelming for those new to the subject. However, the panel did a great job of breaking down the questions thrown at them.  Below is a synopsis of what was learned.

  • It is imperative to start talking about this subject to children as early as middle school when teens are at their most vulnerable age.
  • Insist on Fair Trade products. “Fair trade” describes a system of commerce that promotes a sustainable environment, labor rights, a good wage and healthy working conditions for laborers as well as their families and communities.  The panelists are hopeful that it won’t be too far into the future when Fair Trade practices will become as commonplace as recycling and organic gardening.  Click on this link to find out more information and to download a fair trade finder app.


Thank you to everyone who came out to see the showing and listen to the panel.  If you were unable to attend learn more and view the trailer at. http://www.callandresponse.com/.

Call+Response: Feature Documentary and Panel Discussion

Call + Response poster

January 22, 2012
5:00 pm
Hillel UW

4745 17th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

CALL+RESPONSE is a first of its kind feature documentary/musical performance film that reveals the world’s 27 million dirtiest secrets: there are more slaves today than ever before in human history. CALL+RESPONSE goes deep undercover where slavery is thriving from the child brothels of Cambodia to the slave brick kilns of rural India to reveal that in 2009, Slave Traders made more money than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined.

Following the film, there will be a panel discussion and Q&A about ways you can respond to modern slavery and bring about change. This screening and panel is sponsored by the Junior League of Seattle. View the trailer and consider attending with your fellow League members.

Please note for Junior League of Seattle members this is an optional event that does not result in obligation fulfillment. JLS leadership has changed the status of this event. It is now worth one Training Credit.


January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

The Junior League of Seattle focuses on women and children with a passionate interest in preventing human trafficking.  As we explore what we can do to bring an end to this horrible practice, we want to make everyone aware of what exactly human trafficking is and why it matters to us.

On January 22, 2012, the JLS is sponsoring the screening and panel of CALL+RESPONSE, a first of its kind feature documentary/musical performance film that reveals the world’s 27 million dirtiest secrets: there are more slaves today than ever before in human history.

CALL+RESPONSE goes deep undercover where slavery is thriving from the child brothels of Cambodia to the slave brick kilns of rural India to reveal that in 2009, Slave Traders made more money than Google, Nike and Starbucks combined. Following the film, there will be a panel discussion and Q&A about ways you can respond to modern slavery and bring about change. This screening and panel is sponsored by the Junior League of Seattle.

To view a trailer http://www.callandresponse.com/trailers.php.

Please join us as we all become more familiar with this issue; register on the Junior League of Seattle website http://www.jrleagueseattle.org/?nd=p_event_detail&key=2220.

Santa’s Helpers shift & the YWCA toy drive recap!

Our volunteers had great success shopping at Target, where we filled 4 shopping carts with all of our purchases. Our group of merry shoppers split into teams to better tackle the different departments and be sure to collect all the items YWCA said they needed. We focused on boy toys, girl toys, clothing, books/baby items, aiming to buy all items within a $10 price-point per toy. That was much easier than it sounds, since Target had a lot of great sales going on the holidays. Happily, we were able to secure items that covered a wide age range and looked unique and fun.

At check out, we were helped by a wonderful lady who enjoyed taking on the huge task of checking out all 4 of our fun-filled shopping carts. We had two people from Oregon on this shopping trip, so we were able to remove the sales tax and save about $60, which meant we were able to buy six extra toys for the YWCA.

Toys bought:

  • 25 Outfits
  • 8 Board Games
  • 1 Digital Camera
  • 16 Books
  • 8 Craft Sets
  • 45 Miscellaneous Toys

GREAT night!  Lots of fun, easy to do and so worth it! Everyone loved shopping for the kids, and took pride in finding the best toys for the best prices. We worked hard to make sure we were able to secure the most we could for the YWCA!

YWCA Toy Drive

Last year the Junior League of Seattle donated over 100 items to the Holiday Toy Drive.  This year we fell short of that goal with about 30 toys procured.  There were a good number of donations brought in at the December General Meeting, and then there were only a few collected at the JLS office.  While it wasn’t a lot collected, it still made an impact to those at the YWCA.

Junior League of Seattle and Seattle Tilth

JLS Volunteers at Seattle Tilth's Demonstration Garden.

In an effort to heighten awareness towards combating childhood obesity, the Seattle Junior League partnered Seattle Tilth at their Good Shepherd Garden in Wallingford on a blustery fall afternoon.  Seattle Tilth is a nationally recognized non-profit educational organization dedicated to inspiring and educating people to garden organically and conserve natural resources.  They teach adults and kids how to grow food, compost, garden organically, raise urban livestock, and conserve natural resources.   Their vision is to transform the NW region into the organic gardening capital of the world.  Their philosophy is simple – teach the children about healthy eating and lifestyles so they can pass on what they learned to mom and dad at home.

During the service shift, Junior League members were able to compost leaves, scatter mulch, harvest lavender, fortify worm habitats, and help put the gardens “to bed for winter” at Seattle Tilth’s the adult learning center.  Members got to bring their children and were excited to be able to partake in a variety of activities.  Since most that attended were true gardeners at heart, all were thrilled at the educational lecture on composting we received by an industry expert.  As an added bonus, we were all invited to take home bouquets of fresh lavender.

Check out photos of the event on Facebook!

Done-In-A-Day Service Shift Recaps

Done-In-A-Day at Northwest Harvest
Junior League of Seattle members at Northwest Harvest.

Shift:NW Harvest service shift on October 22, 2011.

Donning plastic gloves and plastic hair nets, Junior League of Seattle members packaged 12,350 lbs of food for delivery to over 11,300 families in the greater Seattle area on October 22nd with Northwest Harvest.

The mission of Northwest Harvest is to provide nutritious food to hungry people statewide in a manner that respects their dignity, while fighting to eliminate hunger. Their vision is to have ample nutritious food available to everyone in Washington State.

Shift:  Job Skills Training at REWA (Refugee Women’s Alliance)

Refugee Women’s Alliance teaches a job skills class for refugees to help them build resumes. Two Junior League of Seattle members helped students write their experience, skills, and job history into template form while four other members manned the computers and turned the template into resumes.

Participating in the resume writing was a hands-on, face-to-face mentoring experience and truly the epitome of empowering women. In many instances, the refugee’s background experience consisted of running their own households or in selling items at a market back in their home country.  The Junior League members encouraged these women to think beyond just housekeeping as a potential career path and helped the women identify skills and experiences they have that could be used in other roles.  Several of the volunteers said it was the best shift they had done with JLS, and we hope to identify more opportunities to work with them in the future.

On the REWA volunteer shift: The volunteer shift on Friday was such a rewarding experience. I felt like I contributed a lot and made a connection with people and that my skills were used. I was telling all my friends and family about it! I would highly recommend this shift as a once month opportunity for JLS members.

Done In A Day is presenting multiple shifts this year our new partner YouthCare! One service shift was held 10/19/2011 at the Orion Center, which is a multi-service facility open to youth ages 13 – 22. It offers a safe, open place where youth (including trafficking/child prostitution victims or those at-risk) can access a multitude of services from meals to case management.

The first step is the Drop-in Center, which offers three meals daily, showers, laundry, clothing, hygiene supplies, knowledgeable staff, and a safe, non-judgmental environment where youth are met with compassionate care. This year the Junior League of Seattle will be providing dinners and other service shift opportunities at the Drop-in Center for these at-risk youth. These shifts will be hands-on and we will be interacting with the youth. We are excited about this new partnership and hope you can come to one of our shifts.

 Shift: YouthCare dinner on October 18, 2011.

Junior League of Seattle volunteers served pizza, salad, fruit cocktail and fresh baked cookies to teens at YouthCare.  The teens were very excited about the Domino’s pizza.  The staff at YouthCare are so helpful and extremely appreciative of our partnership.  The Done-In-A-Day volunteers were excited to serve the teens and said they all received many thank you’s in the buffet line.  Everyone had a very positive experience, were impressed by the services offered at YouthCare, and are looking forward to returning soon.

Human trafficking: Washington Works to Stop Demand

The key to stopping forced labor and sex slavery – also known as human trafficking – is to stop demand.

The Seattle area ranks among the top in the world for sexual exploitation of minors, according to Robin Schildmeyer of Genesis Project, an organization dedicated to protecting young women victimized by human trafficking. The organization provides a 24-hour safe house, and estimates the average age of entry into prostitution is 13. Many of the victims are runaways with a history of sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, and poverty.

Online Anti-Trafficking Outreach Training

This information came from the Health & Human Services Dept.

Engaging Volunteers in Anti-trafficking Outreach

On September 14, 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) conducted a free, online WebEx training during which Mrs. Sandie Morgan of Vanguard University presented on “Engaging Volunteers in Anti-trafficking Outreach.”

The recorded session with audio and video, available through the above link, can be viewed until December 14, 2011.