Call to Action – Impact Day – Volunteer & Celebrate

Impact Day is March 24! One of the greatest gifts we, as leaders in our community, can give is service to to the betterment and health of that community. In keeping with our mission statement, Impact Day is also a time we can promote voluntarism by inviting our friends and family to participate in our service shifts.

As of today there are 6 shifts with open slots:

  • Spring Cleaning at Youthcare
  • Rebuilding Together
  • Magnuson Park Cleanup
  • YWCA Breakfast
  • New Beginnings Gardening & Yard Cleanup
  • Seattle Against Slavery Poster Hanging

I would like to encourage each of you to sign up to make an impact this year.

Impact Day Celebration – FX McRorys:

Join the Done in a Day committee and your Junior League friends to toast a job well done from 2 pm – 6 pm.  After a day of hard work, celebrate our accomplishments with a drink with friends.

Who:  Members and Friends of the Junior League of Seattle (even if you weren’t able to volunteer on Impact Day)
When:  Saturday, March 24th  2 pm – 6 pm
Where:  FX McRory’s
419 Occidental Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98104
(Street parking or the pay lot at Century Link Field)

Thanks so much for your support!!
Chris Lewis
2011-2012 Outreach Manager


DIAD Hula Hoop Games

The Done-in-a-Day committee is working with the Ballard Boys and Girls club to bring fun activities and programing to children in our community as part of supporting the Combatting Childhood Obesity focus area.

Ballard Boys & Girls Club
1767 NW 64th St
Seattle, WA 98107

The Done in a Day committee partnered with professional instructors “Betty Hoop” and “Miss Birdy” to provide a fun afternoon of yoga and hula hoop games for the Ballard Boys and Girls Club.  Early arrivals had the opportunity to go on a tour of the facility and hear about the programs that the Boys and Girls club specializes in.

Our first session started with a group of 16 “Monkeys” and “Geckos” (kindergarten & 1st grade).  The instructors lead the class in a great yoga warm-up to get the kids focused and stretched for the hoops. Then it was on to the main event, hula-hoop games!  Nine of our enthusiastic JLS ladies were on hand to jump in on the hooping fun, which included: running the tunnel, musical hoops and learning some hoop basics.  The young ones definitely showed us a thing or two about flexibility and boundless energy.

Following our initial session with the little ones, the classroom leads brought a new group of 25 kids from the “Tigers” and “Lions” groups which were as old as 12.  While the boys seemed a bit too cool when they first came in, the challenge and competition spirit got them quickly and they jumped right in to show us their skills.  With this group the instructors were able to do some great choreographed dances with the hoops.

The instructors did an amazing job of keeping everyone involved and adjusting to the levels of the different age groups as they came through.  It seemed like a fun event for all involved and was a great way to get involved directly with the community while driving a strong connection to our combatting childhood obesity pillar.  Our JLS ladies and the instructors all mentioned what a good time they had and how much they enjoyed being able to interact with the kids in such a positive and fun environment.  The Boys and Girls Club coordinator was very happy with the event and looks forward to partnering on another hoop games class soon.

The Boys and Girls Club coordinator said, “The kids really love it when new people/groups come in to lead them through new activities for them to participate in.” The Junior League of Seattle looks forward to going back for more fun with the wonderful staff and children at the Boys and Girls Club.

DIAD & YWCA Mom’s Night Out

YWCA Moms Night out
January 27, 2012 6-9
2820 E Cherry St
Seattle, WA 98122

Seven Hair Salon donated a hair stylist who did consults for hair, helped women figure out what colors look best on them, and brought 30 bottles of nail polish for the Junior League of Seattle YWCA Mom’s Night Out. She also passed out cards for free hair cut and style at the downtown salon.

Seattle Executive Fitness and Spa donated a masseuse who did chair massages. Many women had never had a massage from a professional and enjoyed their first experience. The masseuse was busy the majority of the time, but when she was not busy she engaged the women as they were getting their nails done with shoulder massages.

Our fellow Junior League member, Christi Olson, donated non-slip headbands that she makes for her company ChicAthlete. The women loved them and a couple of them were wearing them over their hijabs. Other Junior League of Seattle members donated chips, croissant sandwiches, spinach rolls, bottled water, and cookies, which we all enjoyed snacking on while we did manicures and talked.

We spent about $100 for all the nail supplies (minus nail polish) which I let the YWCA women have at the end of the night. The Junior League of Seattle also provided music, which ranged from The Black Eyed Peas to Enya!

The women of the JLS painted nails while visiting with the women of the YWCA. About 12-15 women from the YWCA showed up. One of the JLS volunteers actually didnt get a chance to paint nails but she said she “had a great time talking” with the women and sharing stories.

One of the women we talked with was a woman who was 27 with 4 kids and was going to college to get her Sociology degree, and would like to go to law school. Two women had just moved here from Somalia and barely spoke English. One JLS member sat with them the whole time and I could see her using hand movements to communicate and you could tell the Somalian women were enjoying themselves. Another woman had a job interview the next day and wanted us all to help her pick out a color that would look good with her outfit. A grandmother told me she hadn’t had her nails done since last time the YWCA had an event like this, which was about 4-5 months ago.

I asked for feedback from the JLS women afterwards. I got nothing but positive reactions. Our members loved having interaction with the women they met at the YWCA. If the opportunity arose, they hope more women from the YWCA would come this event if it was offered again, which they probably will if we provide child care next time.

Quote from Nichelle “Essie reported that the Mom’s night was a huge success, yes numbers low, but your team’s down to earth and graciousness was such a blessing, and the mom’s really loved it. So way to GO!”