Month: December 2015

Annual Campaign

A gift to the Annual Campaign is a financial affirmation of the JLS mission of promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and impacting the community. A gift demonstrates a belief in the ability of the League to use the money as necessary to meet our goals as specified by the current strategic plan.

The Annual Campaign is a vital component of the financial health of the JLS. Unlike other funds, a donation to the Annual Campaign (unless directed otherwise) is used, as the organization deems necessary towards the overall stability of the League. Some years, funding may be put towards starting a new committee; other years, money may be used to cover general operating costs or facility rental to secure locations large enough to accommodate our growing membership.

JLS is first and foremost a leadership training organization. This year, we are going back to our mission and focusing on training our members to be not only be capable volunteers, but also how to be a Leader in the League, in their professional life and in the community.

One of the training programs JLS offers is the Pathway to Boards.

The Pathway to Boards Certificate gives our members the tools, skills and resources needed to become effective board members in our community. Members who have completed the certificate will discover not only the basics, such as Robert’s Rules of Order and how to interpret financial statements, but also the differences between nonprofit and public boards, roles and responsibilities of board members (including fundraising), the structure and evolution of nonprofits, and how to find a good fit.

Corey Orvold is following this training path. Corey said, “When I heard about the Pathway to the Board Certificate, I knew it was a great opportunity to take my volunteering to the next level. So far the training sessions offered and the opportunity to sit in on various board meetings has really helped me understand how to efficiently participate in board meetings. I look forward to obtaining the certificate and being able to join a non-profit board in the near future.”

Dani Carson is half way through her requirements for this certification. Dani told us she chose this training for “the opportunity to learn more about different types of boards, and what is involved in being a board member of a nonprofit: the roles and responsibilities, fundraising expectations, participation, etc. and knowing which questions to ask, if you are interviewed for a position. It can be discouraging trying to get onto a board if you don’t have a specific skill needed, like an attorney or accountant. I wanted to know what other types of members boards look for, and how I can match my personality and personal mission to find the right fit for me.”

By donating to the Annual Campaign, you allow us to offer our members powerful training opportunities that not only help them grow as a person, but help the community as well!