“Miss Representation”

American women have made great strides in leadership in our lifetimes, climbing to positions of power once thought impossible. Four years ago, Hillary Clinton was a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination for President and even though she eventually lost to Barack Obama, she won more primaries and delegates than any other female candidate in […]

How States are Working to Stop Trafficking

There are a number of states making important strides against sex trafficking and our state was recently recognized as one of the top seven in the country. The Protected Innocence Challenge Report ranked Washington, along with Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri and Texas as the top seven states that protect against child trafficking. The report is […]

Trafficking in the News

The terms ‘human trafficking’ and ‘sex trafficking’ sound very exotic, like something that happens in foreign countries far away from where we live. But it’s a huge problem right here in our neighborhoods. Here are a few trafficking cases in the news recently… Last week, a 27-year-old Tacoma man was convicted in federal court of […]