The Kashi/Kids in the Kitchen Success Story: $75,000 to distribute to Leagues for local KITK initiatives!

As many of you know, The Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen (KITK) initiative to fight childhood obesity and promote good nutrition got its start in 2006 with inspiration from The Junior League of Calgary’s Junior Chefs program. To date, more than 200 Leagues across the Association have implemented programs in partnership with local community organizations, chefs, and nutritionists.

In order to build out the next phase of this successful initiative, AJLI aligned itself with Kashi, the maker of nutritious, all-natural foods, which provided funding for a planning grant and also agreed to make $75,000 available in grants to individual Junior Leagues if the Leagues collectively demonstrated their support for the program through a “Like” button promotion on Facebook.

The exciting news is that we did it! We put our money where our mouths (or our mouses) are. We showed enough love to qualify for the full $75,000 the company allotted to us. This means that AJLI has $75,000 to distribute to Leagues in grants of $2,500 or $5,000 to support their local KITK initiatives. As of our grant application deadline earlier this week, we had received more than 100 applications, which will be vetted by Kashi before Annual Conference where the winning Leagues will be announced. Congratulations on this tremendous effort to mobilize; we have truly demonstrated the power we can bring to bear upon a cause we believe in!


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