AJLI’s Webinar Wednesdays Resume

Please join us every other Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. ET for AJLI’s hit series, Webinar Wednesday. Register  for any upcoming webinars.
February 15
Sally Helgesen
Tapping the Power of the Female Vision

Here’s a chance to take advantage of the great online training curriculum, and satisfy your training credits through AJLI’s self-paced modules and Webinar Wednesdays. You can participate in one of each, for a total of two training credits. Log-in to the AJLI website, go to the Training & Meetings tab and choose Online Learning. You will see a place to register for new Webinar Wednesdays or view past webinars On Demand. There are also self-paced courses. To receive training credit for the self-paced course, print out the certificate of completion and provide a copy to your active or provisional advisor. For Webinar Wednesday attendance and another training credit, please let your advisor know which session you attended. We will be able to confirm via the online attendance records. You can take as many courses as you’d like, but you will only receive training credits for one of each. Please contact Kellea Williams, kellea@amazon.com  with any questions.

**Notice: To access the member side of the AJLI website to register for Webinar Wednesdays you will need to create a log in, using your AJLI member number and an email address. Your AJLI member number is listed under your member profile at www.jrleagueseattle.org .   For assistance in finding your AJLI member number or logging on the AJLI website email askus@jrleagueseattle.org .


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