From Advocacy – Call + Response review

Call + Response poster

Snowmageddon can’t stop us!  The Advocacy Committee was thrilled that over 70 people came out on January 22, 2012 to Hillel-UW for the screening of Call+Response.  Advocacy committee members Angela Allen and Marisa Jenkins worked closely with Alex Sum, Co-Founder of Seattle Against Slavery and Founder/Chairman of Hope for Seattle, to arrange the movie screening and the panel discussion which followed.

Call+Response is a combination documentary and musical performance film that brings to light the awful fact that there are more slaves today than ever before in human history.  The movie makes the point that the business of human trafficking is just that, a business in which slave traders make an enormous amount of money off of the exploitation of women and children. The Director, Justin Dillon, used music as an instrument in the movie to demonstrate that music can be part of the movement against human slavery.

The Panelists for the discussion and Q&A were:

  • Sarah Collins – Mother of missing young woman and former victim, Kelsey Collins
  • Mar Smith – Washington Engaged
  • Marie Hoffmann – Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN)
  • Peter Qualliotine – YouthCare
  • Robert Beiser – Seattle Against Slavery and Hillel-UW

The issue of Human Trafficking can be overwhelming for those new to the subject. However, the panel did a great job of breaking down the questions thrown at them.  Below is a synopsis of what was learned.

  • It is imperative to start talking about this subject to children as early as middle school when teens are at their most vulnerable age.
  • Insist on Fair Trade products. “Fair trade” describes a system of commerce that promotes a sustainable environment, labor rights, a good wage and healthy working conditions for laborers as well as their families and communities.  The panelists are hopeful that it won’t be too far into the future when Fair Trade practices will become as commonplace as recycling and organic gardening.  Click on this link to find out more information and to download a fair trade finder app.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the showing and listen to the panel.  If you were unable to attend learn more and view the trailer at.


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