Training: 2 for 1 Night – Speakers

Training: 2 for 1 night with Donor/Fundraising Focus

Date: January 12, 2012

Time: 6:00-8:30pm

Location: Bellevue Microsoft.


Ashley Miller, Executive Director @ The Service Board (Please check out their delightful website!)

Learn how fundraising differs from small one-to-two person non-profits to larger non-profits. The Service Board (TSB) has evolved and changed the fundraising process as their organization has gotten larger and financial times have gotten tighter. Get insights on how to move beyond fundraising and move your organization to build capacity and sustainability through your fund development plan.

Peter Drury, Director of Development @ A Childs Right, President Association of Fundraising Professionals

A charity can’t sustain without its’ donors. Should you treat donors differently based on their amount of charitable donation? What are ways that other organizations thank their donor bases? Learn how you can make an impact if you are serving on a board with the ways that you can assist with the fundraising and donation process.


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