Santa’s Helpers shift & the YWCA toy drive recap!

Our volunteers had great success shopping at Target, where we filled 4 shopping carts with all of our purchases. Our group of merry shoppers split into teams to better tackle the different departments and be sure to collect all the items YWCA said they needed. We focused on boy toys, girl toys, clothing, books/baby items, aiming to buy all items within a $10 price-point per toy. That was much easier than it sounds, since Target had a lot of great sales going on the holidays. Happily, we were able to secure items that covered a wide age range and looked unique and fun.

At check out, we were helped by a wonderful lady who enjoyed taking on the huge task of checking out all 4 of our fun-filled shopping carts. We had two people from Oregon on this shopping trip, so we were able to remove the sales tax and save about $60, which meant we were able to buy six extra toys for the YWCA.

Toys bought:

  • 25 Outfits
  • 8 Board Games
  • 1 Digital Camera
  • 16 Books
  • 8 Craft Sets
  • 45 Miscellaneous Toys

GREAT night!  Lots of fun, easy to do and so worth it! Everyone loved shopping for the kids, and took pride in finding the best toys for the best prices. We worked hard to make sure we were able to secure the most we could for the YWCA!

YWCA Toy Drive

Last year the Junior League of Seattle donated over 100 items to the Holiday Toy Drive.  This year we fell short of that goal with about 30 toys procured.  There were a good number of donations brought in at the December General Meeting, and then there were only a few collected at the JLS office.  While it wasn’t a lot collected, it still made an impact to those at the YWCA.


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