JLS Volunteers at Amara

National Adoption Day celebration at Amara!

Done-In-A-Day has offered some wonderful shifts through the month of November. On November 12, Junior League of Seattle members volunteered at Amara’s National Adoption Day Celebration. Our members were able to interact with children (ages 1- 11) doing arts and crafts projects, face painting, and set-up for the party. Over 100 parents, children and board members participated in this fun and successful event.

Amara works to transform the lives of vulnerable children who deserve safe, stable homes to thrive. This is a celebration of successful placements. Amara is an independent, nonprofit organization in the State of Washington that has been providing services to families and children since 1921. Throughout their history they have developed pioneering programs to meet the changing needs of our community’s children, youth, and families. Amara’s mission is to create and support stable, loving homes for vulnerable children. Their vision and wish for the future is “A Home for Every Child.” Amara’s aim to transfer the lives of vulnerable children by helping provide them with safe, stable homes fits into JLS’ focus area of Disenfranchised Youth.

Our Amara service shift was managed by Kate Chiarella and Allie Okner.

JLS Volunteers at Amara

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