Online Vote Approved – New Fundraising Obligations in Effect.

Flexible changes to Active fundraising obligations now in effect! The online vote to amend the Active Fundraising Obligation passed a membership vote.

When does this change take effect?

Immediately and it will be retroactive to encompass the entire 2011-2012 Junior League of Seattle year.

What does this mean to me?

You will have more flexibility to fulfill your financial obligations as a member. Previously, Actives were required to fulfill a $150 Premier Event Donation. Instead, you can now “mix and match” your fundraising efforts by participating in approved fundraising activities of your choice. Each Active must earn six (6) approved $25 fundraising credits per JLS year, totaling $150. Please note, all Actives are still obligated to contribute to the Annual Campaign.

So, what counts now?

  • Annual Campaign contributions (one credit per $25 donated, beyond the $1.00 minimum)
  • Ticket purchases to Pilot Projects events (credits determined and communicated per event)
  • Cookbook or Art of Discovery book sales (one credit per book)
  • Premier Event ticket purchases (six credits for a classic ticket)
  • Premier Event procurement (one credit per $25 in value – online Procurement form must still be completed)
  • Other Fundraising Event ticket purchases (as approved and communicated per event)

That sounds great, but how will this be tracked?

We are setting up a tracking system on the JLS website which will be similar to the service shift tracker. This will show up on your member homepage alongside the rest of your Member Obligation Tracker information.


Please contact Courtney Laguio


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